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If you’re accused of a criminal offense in Maryland, you need someone to help you decide what do to next. Whether it is a criminal summons on a traffic offense, or a serious felony charge where you are facing jail time, everyone has the same basic questions:

  • What penalties am I facing if they find me guilty?
  • Can I get my case dismissed or get a not guilty at trial if I fight it?
  • Who is the best criminal defense lawyer in Maryland for me?

We are attorneys in Maryland who fight for people accused of a crime in Maryland. Being arrested can be traumatic, we understand. And going into court in front of a judge and jury can make you feel very vulnerable and alone. But we can help. You need someone on your side, someone who is a strong and skilled advocate for you. Someone who can guide you and protect you as much as possible from the worst consequences of a criminal conviction. That’s what we do. We fight for people facing criminal charges in Maryland. Even a minor misdemeanor charge can have serious life consequences. A criminal record is no joke. And a felony conviction can be absolutely devastating to you and your family.

What Penalties am I Facing if they find me Guilty?

We have assembled a lot of information on this website about common Maryland criminal penalties, charges, and defense information. The information is available on the official Maryland state criminal code page, but the legal terminology on that site is very hard to work through and interpret for non-lawyers. So we’ve tried to present the information in plain English about maximum penalties under the law, and my interpretation of more common and more likely outcomes, where possible, as well as options to defend the charges. However, while a general explanation can be helpful and informative, it doesn’t answer the question most people have – What, exactly, is likely to happen to me if I am found guilty? The answer to that really depends on the seriousness of the charge (obviously), the specific facts of your case, if you have any prior offenses or other mitigating factors, or extenuating circumstances. An experienced defense lawyer who has handled lots of similar criminal charges in Maryland will be able to talk to you, and review the police report and any other evidence in your case, and have a good sense of what penalties you are realistically facing. That’s why it makes sense to get a criminal case evaluation. You need to assess the options available to you in specific to your case, from the best Maryland criminal defense lawyer you can find.

Can I get my case dismissed or get a not guilty at trial if I fight it?

Absolutely, it’s always possible. Now, no case is a guaranteed winner, since juries and judges can make bad decisions, but almost no case is unwinnable. Experienced defense lawyers like us have had trials with terrible facts and evidence against us that have come back not guilty. So you should never give up hope. And, certainly, some cases are excellent and have a strong chance to get dismissed by a judge, or end up with a not guilty verdict at trial. But you always need to have a realistic assessment of your chances. A good defense attorney will always be straight with you, and won’t over promise a positive result that isn’t likely. But a good attorney will never stop fighting, and use every motion and argument that may help the outcome of your case. That’s why it can make sense to be quick on the draw with a motion to suppress the evidence against you. Even defense motions that don’t have a strong chance to be successful can help you in other ways. In a motion hearing, information or evidence may come out that can ultimately help your defense at trial, and expose weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case. A good defense attorney will look for procedural errors by the State’s Atttorney, or by the police that may have denied you constitutional protections, or simply fair treatment by the criminal justice system. But no two cases are alike. That’s why we have lawyers and trials, to decide how the law applies in your specific criminal case.

How Do I get Help from the Best Defense Lawyer I Can?

Just by reading this site, you’ve taken the first step to help yourself – get informed. I know it isn’t easy, and the law can be extremely complicated. The next step is to speak to an attorney and find out what he or she can do for you. To evaluate who is the best Maryland criminal defense lawyer to help you, you need to decide:

  1. Who has the experience in fighting cases similar to yours. What kind of results have they gotten in the past?
  2. Who listens to you and cares about doing right by you. Some lawyers don’t act like they care about the actual people they are defending. I wouldn’t hire someone like that.
  3. Who is extremely knowledgeable about the law, and knows the answers to your questions right away. Unless your case is very unusual, a lawyer who needs to look up answers to simple questions probably doesn’t have enough experience, and may not be prepared to think on their feet in court.

Many people speak to a number of lawyers until they find one with whom they feel comfortable. And that’s a good idea. Fighting a criminal charge in court is stressful enough on it’s own. You need to feel that the attorney by your side is there to help you, and that you have confidence in his or her ability to do just that.

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