Maryland Assault Laws

Arrested on an Assault Charge in Maryland? Fight Back With a Tough Defense Lawyer on Your Side

A charge of Assault is a very serious matter, and if convicted you can be sentenced to significant jail time.

You need top legal advice from the best Maryland criminal defense lawyer you can find, to look for every opportunity in your defense.

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What is Assault under Maryland Law?

Assault is the attempted touching of another person, without that person’s consent, and includes the act of placing someone in fear of an intentional touching. Battery is the unlawful and offensive touching of another person without that person’s consent.

Under Maryland law, an “Assault” encompasses the crimes of assault, battery, and assault and battery.

In most cases, it  is the result of a fight or other dispute that escalates to some level of violence. However, the person charged may not be the instigator, or may have acted in self defense. In many situations, if there is a mutual fight, the person who gets to the police first is the person not charged.

With such a serious matter and the risk of severe penalties, you really need an experience defense lawyer to fight for you in court. I can challenge the evidence against you, and argue before the judge that the facts of the situation don’t warrant the charges, and work to get either a reduction of the charges of a dismissal.

We can also fight the case in court, and challenge the witnesses to provide credible evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that such a crime was committed.

There are many legal options and defenses, but it can be very complicated. The best thing to do is take advantage of a legal consultation to find out what your options are, and your chances of beating the charges.

First Degree Assault

Under Maryland law, a person is guilty of assault in the first degree if he/she causes “serious physical injury” to another person.

Serious physical injury” means physical injury that: creates a substantial risk of death; or causes permanent or protracted serious: disfigurement; loss of the function of any bodily member or organ; or impairment of the function of any bodily member or organ.

Second Degree Assault

Under Maryland law, an person is guilty as assault in the second degree if he/she is found to have caused “physical injury” to another person. Physical injury means impairment of physical condition, including minor injuries.

Second degree assault also includes placing a person in reasonable fear of imminent bodily harm. Of course, that harm doesn’t have to be that extreme, and is is very possible to be charged with with offense even if you were just defending yourself in a fight. If there is any kind of incident with minor injuries, the police can be inclined to arrest the person who is the least harmed, regardless of what actually happens.

As part of your defense, it’s our job to explain the facts in court and get you a fair outcome.

Maryland Assault Penalties and Sentence Guidelines

Assault—1st DegreeMaximum—25 years in Prison
Assault—2nd DegreeMaximum—10 years; Fine—$2,500
Assault—Reckless EndangermentMaximum—5 years
Assault on Law Enforcement OfficerMaximum—10 years
Assault—Attempted PoisoningMaximum—10 years; Minimum—2 years
Assault—Poisoning by water/food contaminationMaximum—20 years

How to Beat an Assault Charge in Maryland

Since the police often charge assault without regard to who started a fight, we can argue self defense in many cases.

I will look at the evidence against you, which is often in the form of witness testimony. Are there other witnesses that the police didn’t talk to that see thing differently? I can send a private investigator to interview additional witnesses who may be able to prove you weren’t the instigator.

I will also frequently argue for a reduction in charges, from a first down to a second degree assault charge if the facts don’t support the more serious charge. In other cases, we can get the charges knocked down to a lesser charge of disorderly conduct, or dismissed entirely if the prosecution doesn’t have enough evidence to convict you.

The strategy I would us really depends on the particular facts in your case. Call me for a consultation, and I’ll listen to your story, and let you know what I can do to help you.

Call For a Legal Consultation on Your Maryland Assault Charges

There is a good chance I can help you work through these charges, and fight on your behalf for a reduction, dismissal, or acquittal at trial.

Call me for a consultation and case evaluation on a defense of your Maryland assault arrest. I am prepared to fight for your rights, and help you figure out your options and what to do next to protect your right, your freedom, and keep your record clean.

Call me at (888) 452-4344 for a criminal defense consultation on an assault charge in Maryland criminal court.

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