Domestic Violence / Domestic Assault

Maryland Domestic Assault Laws & Penalties

Charged with Domestic Violence in Maryland?

Domestic Violence is a charge that is taken very seriously by Maryland prosecutors and police. A noisy argument with the neighbors calling the police can quickly escalate into an arrest.

Even a very minor incident with a perfectly innocent explanation and tenuous evidence of violence will frequently result in an arrest for domestic assault. And the State’s Attorneys are not likely to quickly dismiss charges, even when evidence is weak, and the other person doesn’t want to press charges.

In addition, the rules for following a protective order or a restraining order against you are very complicated. You can be accused of a restraining order violation even if the other person initiated contact, called you or visited you!

Domestic Violence defense requires careful negotiation by an experienced defense attorney to figure out how to get you fair treatment from a system that in extremely unsympathetic to domestic violence charges, even when their is very little evidence against you.

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Penalties for Domestic Violence Related Charges in Maryland

Domestic Assault penalties are the same as those for the crime of assault. See my assault page.

For more information on the difference between a peace order and a protective order, see my protective order page. Violation of a protective order (restraining order) or Violation of a Peace order penalties are as follows:

Failure to comply with or violation of
protective order; 1st Offense
Maximum Penalty: 90 days in Jail
Failure to comply with or violation of
protective order; 2nd Offense
Maximum Penalty: 1 year in Jail
Failure to comply with or violation of
peace order
Maximum Penalty: 90 days in Jail

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